Mackinnon Mackenzie
The Company was incorporated as a public limited company in Calcutta on 30th March, 1951. Under the Indian Companies Act VII of 1913. The Company became a private limited company on 27th March, 1956, by Virtue of an alteration made in its Articles of Association. The Company's registered office was shifted from Calcutta to Bombay after obtaining the permission of the Calcutta High Court by an Order dated 30th November, 1966. The Company was once again converted into a public limited company pursuant to a Special Resolution passed in the extra ordinary General Meeting held on 9th March, 1976. The Company subsequently obtained a fresh certificate of change of name.
The company received the Certificate of Commencement of Business on 2nd April, 1951.

Upon incorporation, the Company took over the business of the partnership firm of Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co, LTD which had been in existence in India since the Eighteen Fifties. Due to severe recession in the Shipping Industry, the Company was unable to service the loans taken for acquision of ships, and hence cases were instituted by the lenders, which are presently pending is Bombay High Court on account of this company had preforce to close down all the shipping and shipping related activities and other operates in 1992. The Company is not carrying out any operations except property owning and its Registered Office is located in the heritage present of Ballard Estate.

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